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The population of Scotland has been around 5 million for the last 50 years but
estimates predict it will fall below that mark in the next decade.
The resident population of Scotland on April 29, 2001 (Census Day) was
5,062,011, of which 52 per cent were female and 48 per cent were male.
There are approximately 65 people for every square kilometre of land.
The majority of the population are concentrated in the central area around
Glasgow and Edinburgh.The Highlands and Islands have the most area but the
fewest people.

Scotland has six cities.
1. Glasgow 578,710
2. Edinburgh 449,020
3. Aberdeen 211,910
4. Dundee 145,460
5. Inverness 50,920 (created a city as part of Millennium celebrations in 2000)
6. Stirling 86,200 (created a city as part of Queen’s Jubilee celebration in 2002)

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Edinburgh Webcam Edinburgh Webcams = Cams spread across Scotland's Capital City
Glasgow Webcam Glasgow Webcams = Cams spread across Scotland's Largest City
Alva Webcam Alva = Stunning view of this little town at the base of the Ochil Hills
Orkney Webcam Orkney Islands = Stromness Harbour, viewed via 2 webcams set up in a house
Ellon Webcam Ardgrain = The countryside looking towards the market town of Ellon, Aberdeenshire
Campbeltown Webcam Campbeltown = Follow the development of our New Quay with this Webcam.
Loch Ness Webcam Loch Ness = CCTV Webcams looking out for Nessie 24 hours a day
Kirkcaldy Wwbcam Kirkcaldy = Webcam is in an American themed bar on the Esplanade.
Gretna green webcam Gretna Green = Cam shows live weddings in the famous Anvil Hall in Scotland.
Aviemore webcam Aviemore = Webcam at the Highlands Hotel, Macdonald Highland Resort
St Andrews webcam St Andrews = Live from the Old Course Hotel... the most famous view in golf
Carradale Webcam
Campbeltown Webcam
Alloa Webcam
Skye Webcam
Skye webcams
Cairngorm Mountains
Aberdeen Webcam
Dumfries and Galloway
Dumfries webcam
Argyll webcam
Stirling webcam
Highland webcam
Loch lomond webcam
loch Glascarnoch
Mull webcam
Nielston Webcam
Aberdeen Webcam
Aboyne webcam
Traffic webcams
traffic CCTV
Oan Webcam
Orkney webcam
Shetland Webcam
Whiskey cctv
Gleneagles webcam
Dunoon cctv
Ben Nevis webcam
st abbs head webcam
Dundee webcam
fair isle webcam
aviemore webcam
bass rock cctv
cairngorm webcam
Shetland webcam
Coldingham bay webcam
Pentland Hills webcam
Kilmarnock webcam

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