About Tillicoultry In Clackmannanshire


In 1787 Robert Burns Scotland’s  Bard ( Most Famous And Loved Poet )

Visited Harvieston Estate half a mile from Tillicoultry But still in Tillicoultry

Parish . The estate was owned at the time by a family called Tait .

One of whom became an archbishop of Canterbury .

Next to the river Devon on what used to be part of the east estate stands

Mausoleum belonging to the Tait family .

There are as ever Ghost stories associated with the tomb.

One I heard was that in the 1960’s a young woman got on the bus at Tillicoultry

And asked for the fare to the Tomb .

When the bus stopped at the tomb the bus was empty and neither the

Driver or conductress saw anybody get off .

While staying at Harvieston Burns wrote two songs

“ The Banks Of Devon “ and “ Fairest Maid Of Devon Banks

The subject of the latter song was Miss Charlotte Hamilton who

Later married his friend Mr Adair

Clackmannan Tower was also of interest to Rabbie Burns when he visited

The widow of the last of the last of the Clackmannan Bruce’s his name

Being Henry Bruce . The widow lived on in the tower until her death in 1791.

She claimed certain royal prerogratives as her own , among them was the right

To confer the honour of knighthood . The last person to whom she performed

The ceremony , with the great two-handed sword of King Robert The Bruce

Was Robert Burns on his visit in 1787

The highest hill in the Ochils is called Ben Cleuch which Tillicoultry sits at the

Foot of . Ben Cleuch is one of nine hills called “ The Donalds “

The other Donalds are Blairdendon , Ever , Law , Andrew Gannal , Kings Seat

Tarmangie , White Wisp and Inverdownie

Over the last 20 years the Paper Mill , Railway and Woollen Mills

( there were 13 at one time ) have all closed down . A furniture and garden centre

occupies the old Paper Mill and a new retail outlet has been built on the moss road .

One of the remaining Mill Buildings at the top of the Mill road is the Clock Mill

Next to the Burn and is now a small business centre.

The other is at the bottom of the Mill Road and is now converted into flats.

Other places of interest are :

A dry ski slope where lessons in ski-ing and snow-boarding can be obtained

A golf club and course , rugby club , numerous walks , fishing , cycling

Mountain biking , arts and crafts , hotels , pubs , b&b’s , fish shop

Chinese restaurant and carry out , bistro and Indian carry out .

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