How Global Warming Will Affect Us All

Welcome to the Team Scotland Presence on the net.
Our planet is under constant change but how much of it is man made ?
This project is run by Oxford University, and seeks to find out.

The Experiment

In order to predict our future weather systems, Super Computers are usually used,
but there is no super computer yet built that can handle this project quickly enough.
Even the fastest will take many years by which time it may be to late.
However, there is a way of speeding up this process and that involves people power.
there is a way to link together tens of thousands of home computers, to make a super computer.
This Computer would be 10 or more time as
powerful as the most powerful Super Computer on the planet today.

How You Can Help

It could not be simpler. You just download a little program with your own weather model.
This program works in the background on your PC, so you never know its their.
It calculates what the outcome could be for one set of circumstances of climate change.
Everybody has a different model, so you are uniquely contributing to the huge model.
On your PC, you get a nice user interface with a spinning globe showing your progress.
there are teams like the Scotland team to join, and you get credits for work done.

Links To More Information, The Program, And To Join The Team And Forum Below

You don't need to live in Scotland, or be able to trace your family tree here.
Even if you just like the country, or her people and want to see her team do well,
then please join us and make Scotland a great team !

The Three Steps For All The Info To Join The Program, Then Our Team


Learn all about the project from the CPDN website. This contains more detailed info about the project.

Scotland Here you can download the program from the Oxford University server, who are collecting all the data.
Scotland team Here you then, after downloading and starting your model, go to the team page and just click Join. All your stats will become part of the team and can be viewed on our team page on the Oxford University site.

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