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As you can see a lot of people liked the battle

of the sexes pages

So here are some more I hope you like :))

I should warn you though although I have edited

most of the content

There are one or two jokes just tooooo funny to leave out

So if your really easily offended donít look !!

But if not then have fun and remember some of the views

Expressed in these pages are not held by the webmaster

Thatís my get out clause

sexes jokesThe differences between men and women explored !!
sexes jokesWomens 50 rules for men .... why do we only get 43 ???
marraige jokesMen and women never say , and are you in love lust or married
funny excusesHave you ever used any of these excuses !!
men  and womanMen and Women do understand each other ... honest !!
mother funniesMothers .... where would we be without them ?
jokesloads of off the wall just silly stories to have a giggle at :)
jokesEven more weird and wonderful jokes about everything
men jokesiIf men ruled the world ? ( now the fur flies lol ) !!
celeb funniesWhat celebs have been known to say and wish they didn't
norm funniesSome of the best " Norm " sayings from " cheers "
sexes humourGot all the answer's yet ? May'be whats in here will help
sexes funniesSexes still not getting on ? What's the problem ?